Expert guidance and leading technologies at the service of

exclusive nautical tourism destinations

Coastal resorts

High value clients demand exclusivity and services that are tailored to their requirements. A "catchall" property will be favored by few and forgotten by most. Your destination and your customers deserve the best.

Superyacht marinas

Vessels of 80 feet in length or more require mooring facilities that are in keeping with the quality of customer service that you strive to provide on shore. "Tacked-on" amenities are no substitute for purposeful design.

Advanced technologies

Automation with no human intervention is at the heart of the latest technologies that handle, store and secure boats and motor vehicles. Peace of mind and convenience speak for themselves.

World-class experience

Champagne Marine Development (CMD) is made up of a team of experts whose disciplines form the pillar upon which your nautical tourism destination can reach its greatest potential.

Named for its president and founder, Richard Champagne, Champagne Marine Development is a labor of managerial and technical know-how that is fueled by a passion for yachting. For Richard, a lifetime of experience in managing and engineering a host of world-class infrastructure and logistical projects has long been accompanied by a love for yachting.

Experience, vision and fastidious attention, grounded in sustainable practices that are informed by and formed with the latest tools. Put us to work for you.


CMD is helmed by a C-level executive and a passionate yachter with decades of experience in construction, aviation, energy, industrial processes and security.


Business valuation and financial modeling expertise are at hand from beginning to end.


Planning for pleasure and relaxation is an exacting science. World authorities on structural engineering and automation ensure that integrity and safety are paramount.


Top comms / marketing chops keep your priorities and those of your clients front-of-house.